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Acceleron® Corn Seed Treatment Products Testimonials

Learn more about Acceleron® Corn Seed Treatment Products from farmers.

Doran Zumbach in 2011:

"I plant all DEKALB® hybrids in my fields and I expect Acceleron® on them. With Acceleron® seed treatments I see greater seedling vigor, greater plant health and rapid growth right out of the chute. I never want my DEKALB® corn to have a bad day. If I can get my corn started faster and healthier it’s, flat out, going to yield more. I believe Acceleron® contributes greatly to getting my seed off to a great start, and in turn, yields more return from my fields during harvest."

Leland Rector in Ipava, IL in 2011:

"I let my seed salesman make most of my planting decisions for me, he’s the expert. After seeing the stand and results of Acceleron® seed treatments on my DEKALB® corn, it will be requested and used in my fields for a long time.

When you put that seed out in the dirt it needs all the help it can get to fight Mother Nature’s storms, wind and bugs. I think Acceleron® provides extra protection for my seed investment.

With Acceleron® it seems like almost every kernel comes up evenly spaced with better color and a more even stand. We’ve had some harsh weather this spring with lots of rain, but my Acceleron® treated seeds punch-up through the ground and just keep growing throughout the season."

Keith Lowry from Pilot Oak, KY in 2010:
Keith Lowry     

"I used Acceleron® corn seed treatment products for the first time this year and I believe the seed treatment is improving plant health and is worth the added cost to see the healthy stands out in the fields. I believe Monsanto has some of the best technology and that these traits are doing tremendous things for my crops."